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Frequently asked questions:

What happens at a celebration? We usually gather in circle and are taken through a ritual that celebrates a High or Holy Day in a Pagan calendar. There is some standing during the celebration but there are usually chairs available to sit if you wish. Some people like to volunteer to take part in the celebration and read parts of the ritual. Then after (or during for some Pagan Paths) the ritual, we stay to visit while we share potluck foods. Tea and coffee are usually provided.


Who can attend? Everyone welcome! And bring your friends!


What should I wear? What ever you like. Most wear regular clothes, jeans and shirts etc. For some of the more festive High/Holy celebrations some people like to dress up in fancier clothes or robes and cloaks. Mystical and magical costumes are often seen at Samhain!


Can I bring my kids? Absolutely! Our celebrations are family friendly although some may be longer or some of the High/Holy days may be a little more serious for some children (eg: Samhain or Heathen Yule honour the ancestors and departed).


What should I bring? A potluck food to share with everyone and also, at our celebrations a donation jar is set out to help cover costs for space rental and supplies. But this is not mandatory. If you aren’t able to bring either, please do come anyway. We welcome everyone!

What are membership fees used for? Sanctuary of Pagan Paths is working towards gaining non profit status in British Columbia, Canada to be recognized as a legal Pagan Religious body. This will enable us to offer services such as legal handfastings and life milestone celebrations as well as support and counselling for our members. The fees will help this dream come true and help to continue maintaining this status.

Members will be given discounted prices for workshops, camping events and other special events throughout the year. And as a member, you are eligible to hold an office within the Sanctuary of Pagan Paths if you wish to volunteer your time and help us keep things running.

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