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What is Paganism?

   Paganism is a broad term that encompasses a diverse tapestry of ancient spiritual and religious belief systems that predate current mainstream religions. Many of the Pagan Paths have long roots that go back to the original ethnic religions and have been revived and reclaimed through historical study. 
   Neo-Pagan (New Pagan) Paths have been created encompassing beliefs from a variety of ancient sources as well as including modern belief systems of worship. 
   Each Path has it's own understanding and explanation for questions about world creation beliefs, what place do we have in the world around us, what happens to us in the afterlife and an understanding of the Gods and Spirits and how to connect with them. 
   Paganism most often includes multiple deity worship being inclusive of the female aspect of the divine. There is an understanding and acceptance of the Divine found in all of us and in all the world around us. Paganism encompasses all forms of polytheism including duotheism, Goddess-recognisant monotheism, pantheism and animism.
   In the Sanctuary of Pagan Paths, we are Wiccans, Heathens, Druids, Witches, Shamans, Celtic Reconstrucionists, Hellenists, Romans, Kemetic and more. Even these terms are further broken down into more branches in the Pagan Paths. Example: Witches can include Hedge witch, Green witch, Stregaria, Traditional, Alexandrian, Gardnerian, Faery, Hereditary, Kitchen etc.

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