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Interested in joining us?

Interested in joining us.

You don't have to be a member or hold an office to join our events and celebrations. Everyone is welcome to join our public Celebrations. Keep an eye on our facebook pages to see upcoming events.

Become a member.

For $15.00 per year, you will help keep the Sanctuary of Pagan Paths operating and  keep our services to our communities running. You will also receive discounts on any fees charged for special events, workshops or classes our Sanctuaries hold throughout the year. To become a member, click over to the Membership Application page.

Become a Cleric.

Are you interested in serving your community in a spiritual way? Contact our Board of Directors for more information.

Create a Sanctuary in your area.

Are you interested in creating a Sanctuary in your area? Contact our Board of Directors for more information. 

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